The idea I fell for

The first time I saw her, I knew she was different (she wasn’t). The combination of her short blonde hair, sensual form, and impeccable taste in art made it was clear from the start, she was the one (she wasn’t). Her name was Kyra and she was the first girl I had ever fallen for. She didn’t receive much attention from other guys, I figured she would need mine (she didn’t).We bonded as two social pariahs who were able to confide our insecurities in each other. It quickly became clear however, that she wasn’t all that I had seen in her at first. Her taste in art was more pretentious than impeccable, and she was interested in guys with confidence, this was not the idea I fell for.

Next came Carmen, she barely ever talked and her beauty was so subtle that only I had appreciated it (it wasn’t). Even though she was shy, I saw that beneath her surface she was a fascinating girl with a lot to say( she wasn’t). Again I knew she would crave the male attention only I would give her, but it turns out she was well-adjusted and secure in her appearance, this was not the idea I fell for.

Then came Mary. Unlike my previous trysts I had no suppositions about her, she approached me and so things began. I thought she was cute, but did we have similar tastes (we didn’t), did we share a sense of humor (we didn’t), did we have even the slightest thing in common (we didn’t) ? Despite all of this, I decided to give her a chance, she was cute after all. Things started slowly as friends, but one day those short meaningless conversations turned into late night hour longs calls, and goodbyes were suddenly a heartfelt ordeal. It was an actualization of romance. Geography got into the way of our relationship and unfortunately things got cut short, but for a short time it was love. Mary had a tendency to be a loudmouth, her energy was impossible to keep up with, she was shorter than I would have liked and she wasn’t interested in almost any of the same passions as I was, this was not the idea I fell for.

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